Different Types Of Gears Used In Deep Sea Fishing

The general term for the equipment used by fishermen during fishing is ‘Fishing Tackle’. Some examples of equipment are hooks, baits, rods, lines, reels, gaffes, lures, nets, spears, waders and tackle boxes.These are all some of the most common instruments used in fishing tours Sydney. There is another term for fishing tackles and that is ‘Fishing gear’.


There are different types of nets that fishermen use and they are: tangle nets, gillnets, purse seines, lampara nets, lift nets, bottom trawl nets, cast nets and dip nets.


Dredges are in the form of a cage or metallic frame which has strong net attached to it. It is used to drag over seabed where mollusks like scallops and clams live in the mud. The cage has a rectangular opening like which is directed towards the sea-bed surface.Trawl netsThey are of different sizes for different fishing situations but they are large and therefore need the powerful vessel to tow them. The low-powered fishing boats are not capable of towing them. No matter what is the size of the net, the bag has rectangular mouth towards the bottom of the bag and there is a second bag known as coded which is attached at the end of the main bag, it helps the emptying of the trawl.

Rakes and scrapers

Rakes are shaped like a garden tool and used for raking soft sea bottom. It is used to collect bivalves and clams. Scrapers are no different from rakes and are used to scrape rock surfaces.

Pots and traps

Pots are in the shape of a rectangular box, usually. The netting is attached to the solid frame of metal or woods. The pots can be of woods as well. Traps are bigger in size than pots and they are nets or wooden structures fixed to the seabed. It is kept in that position so that target species would enter the trap.HooksHooks are simple and old fishing gear which are usually used to fish in rocky areas and open areas.


Handlines are long sticks with different sizes to which hooks are attached to fish. They can be left to stay on the bottom with hook resting as bait or it can be held in mid-air which hooks hanging in mid-water. TrollsTrolls are hook lines pulled through the water with speed to catch species like marlin, swordfish, tunas and many such fishes with high speeds.


Harpoons are like a spear with a bard. The point is attached to a stock which is spiked by fisherman directly into the target. It is usually used for whales, porpoises, sharks, seals and many more. They are commonly used by game fishing charters Sydney to catch deep fishes.TongsThey are used to collect shellfish or crabs from local shores or from shallow water.